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Launchme Website UI Kit (Sponsored)

Launchme Website UI Kit (Sponsored)

Launchme UI Kit - Website Framework is an easy drag and drop framework to create any type of website within seconds. This pixel-perfect and very detailed framework is the perfect option for adobe Photoshop rookies, as well as for pro web designers who want to save time. The full Launchme UI Kit contains 20 Header Blocks, 19 Content Blocks, 18 Footer Blocks, 4 Contact Blocks, 4 Blogging Blocks which can be placed by drag and drop with Adobe Photoshop. You might use any version of Adobe Photoshop to edit these block models, but I recommend the CS1 or higher. The whole layout is based on 2 Grid Systems (1170px grid & 960px grid). You are able to change every single layer and vector shape. Actually you choose which colours, style, blocks and short-codes you wanna use in your individual design layout. Creating some sample pages with Launchme UI Kit, which are also included in the full version, shows you how easy it is to create a modern and flat webdesign layout. The organized and structured .PSD files is user friendly to anyone. Watch how easy it is to drag and drop the block models into your layout.


We used the two common grid systems, which are already integrated in the .PSD file to help you creating a pixel-perfect layout. Just take one of these two grid systems and drop you files into the file. Designing was never that easy, wasn’t it?


Just have a closer look into some block models of Launchme UI Kit - Website Framework. You migh choose between header styles, content styles, footer styles and even about 100+ different short-codes and icons.You might see all block models here.


Launchme UI Kit is more than just a website framework. I also included a lot of detailed short-codes, like buttons, icons, tables, navigation and forms. The best thing here is, that these short-codes are customizable vector shapes, which can be resized to any size. There are 210 different icons included. You’ll get 90 falt vector icons and 120 stroke vector icons to use in your layouts. Try out yourself or take a look at the files included in Launchme UI Kit.


Actually I really try to make you designer life easier with Launchme UI Kit. I also included a .ASE file for Adobe Photoshop with the 10 common colours I used in the whole website framework. Easily import the .ASE file into you Adobe Photoshop and get all colours on you colour palette.


This fantastic flat UI Kit includes 100+ short-codes for easy using. Just click, drag and drop any of these web-elements into your layouts.


You would like to convince yourself of this miraculous website framework? Take a look at the 8 samples pages here. If you still have doubts if the website framework helps you to layout your design within seconds, get the free download sample page. Obviously the first flat framework with more than 60 different block models, 210 icons, 100 + short-codes and 8 sample page designs.
Get the full version for only 8$ now!



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    I might give this a try!

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